WINTER 2018 Highlights

Ilma Lopez and Damian Samsonetti, Chaval and Piccolo
For Ilma Jeil Lopez and Damian Sansonetti, at Chaval and Piccolo in Portland,
a bone is much more than just part of a pork chop or a porterhouse steak.

Good to the Bone
. . .

Mr. Buck
Anyone who thinks winter is quiet in Maine has never witnessed breeding season
on a farm. The show is pure comedy. As each of our ladies at Sunflower Farm Creamery
comes into heat, she shamelessly flirts with the bearded object of her affection.

The Buck Stops Here

. . .

Haddock Recipe
A warm memory elevates a simple haddock recipe that led to a new life in Maine.

Seasoned with Kindness

. . .

Chef Aaron Park
Aaron Park infuses the menu at Henry and Marty with old favorites and childhood memories

Take Comfort


American Unagi

Maine's Aquaculture

Sarah Rademaker is raising glass eels (unagi). She started raising 100 eels in her basement in 2010.
By 2016, she was raising 5,000 eels at the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center in Walpole.

Larkin Cheese Board

(not your basic) Cooking Classes

Taught by noted Maine cheesemaker Allison Lakin, Lakin's Gorges Cheese, and
Neal Foley, Foley's Custom Sawmill. Classes held at East Forty Farm and Dairy.

Class Schedule

Executive Pastry Chef Robert Differ

Executive Pastry Chef Robert Differ

As an associate of mega-star Daniel Boulud at Bar Boulud in Boston, Robert Differ
of Ogunquit is making his mark in the rarified ranks of top pastry chefs

Fall Pies

Pies with Secrets!

Main Farmland Trust

How Maine Farmland Trust is
Keeping Maine Edible

The Honey Paw, Maine

Maine's Asian Food

A culinary tour!

18 Central Oyster Bar & Grill

18 Central Oyster Bar & Grill

A look behind the scene of great cuisine and an inviting ambiance.

Maine Wine Tasting Panel

Tasting Maine Wines

Fruit wines and French-American hybrid grapes are putting Maine on the map.