Sunflower Farm Creamery, Maine


Each spring, Sunflower Farm Creamery welcomes the birth of four-legged bundles of
nerve-calming, smile-inducing charisma.

Kathryn Williams talks with owner Hope Hall

Owner-Chef Kelly Farrin, Carriage House, Maine

Owner-Chef Kelly Patrick Farrin
of Carriage House

Todd Bross talks with Chef Farrin about his early success and how working with
Primo's Melissa Kelly primed him for opening Carriage House.

Rosalie Joy's Bakery

Rosalie Joy's Bakery

Todd Bross talked with Owner-Baker Megan Murphy about how her
carport turned micro bakery in Camden got it's start.

Maine Wine Tasting Panel

Tasting Maine Wines

Fruit wines and French-American hybrid grapes are putting Maine on the map.