Co-owner/Chef Melissa Kelly, Primo

Melissa Kelly, Primo, Maine

Since its opening in 1999, Primo has set itself an increasingly difficult task: to serve the best food in New England while incorporating sustainable practices to a degree not even contemplated by most of the competition. Melissa Kelly and Price Kushner combine an unparalleled welcome and otherworldly cuisine with deep, sustaining community roots.  Melissa’s grandpa, the original Primo, would have been well  content to pass his days in their soul-satisfying Maine gardens, surrounded by so much life.

Interview and Chef Kelly's recipe for Roast Chicken and Tuscan Bread Salad.

Goose Eggs


Kirsten Lie-Nielsen talks about raising geese and the benefits of their eggs.

Tandem Glass


Todd Bross spent an afternoon with Terrill Waldman and Charlie Jenkins talking about the
art of glass blowing, how they met and became Tandem Glass.

Maine Wine Tasting

Fruit wines and French-American
hybrid grapes are putting Maine on the map

Many people don’t even know that there is any wine production happening in Maine today at all. Not only is wine being produced in Maine, but a healthy amount of it to boot.

In an effort to get a better grasp on what makes Maine wine unique, a panel of wine industry professionals was assembled for a tasting and evaluation.

Maine Wine Tasting Panel
The panel, clockwise from the left: Tabitha Perry, Susan Grenier, Bryan Flewelling, John Myers, Arlin Smith, Stewart Moore, Stella Hernandez and Chris Peterman.

Maine wineries represented:
Bartlett   Breakwater   Cellardoor   Oyster River   Winterport   Prospect Hill