Promises that Endure

Oakhurst Dairy

From a stance against artificial growth hormones to
embracing alternative energy and upholding high quality standards, Oakhurst Dairy lives its motto


I CAN’T HONESTLY REMEMBER A TIME when Oakhurst’s red-capped whole milk wasn’t in the refrigerator. When I was a kid, it was all about grilled cheese and tomato with a side of milk after the school day had ended. These days, I’ll drink it alongside the spiciest pulled pork sandwich I can throw together.

If you grew up  in New England, most likely you grew up on Oakhurst milk, too.

Barrel-Aged Chocolates

What happens when La Crème Chocolat’s
Laura Rudy joins forces with
New England Distilling’s Ned Wight?

A uniquely sweet collaboration

La Creme Chocolat and NE Distilling

In Portland’s white-hot food scene, where collaborations between coffee roasters and brewers, chefs and farmers, mixologists and bitters makers are the norm, it was only a matter of time before chocolate would shake hands with whiskey. More

The Pies that Bind Us

With several retail bakeries under her belt,
pie maker Jill Miller now finds life is
just as fulfilling—and a bit easier—when
someone else does the baking

The Maine Pie Co

In her 2010 book I Remember Nothing, Nora Ephron wrote a list of the things she would miss most when she died. At the bottom of the list of about 30 items, including walks in the park, reading in bed and dinner with friends, was pie. She would miss pie. More


Wonder Land

There’s something quite magical,
yet altogetherpractical, about
Emma and John Altman’s working farm
that also hosts beautiful, bucolic weddings

David's Folly Farm

One might not think the sound of nocturnal gravel shoveling would be part of the soundtrack for a time-stands-still romantic moment.

But for Emma and John Altman, who own David’s Folly Farm, it was. They were preparing to host a Fourth of July wedding at their circa-1819 Brooksville barn and the forecast now called for rain.  More


[ Maine Wine Tasting ]

Fruit wines and French-American
hybrid grapes are
putting Maine on the map

Many people don’t even know that there is any wine production happening in Maine today at all. Not only is wine being produced in Maine, but a healthy amount of it to boot.

In an effort to get a better grasp on what makes Maine wine unique, a panel of wine industry professionals was assembled for a tasting and evaluation.

Maine Wine Tasting Panel
Clockwise from the left: Tabitha Perry, Susan Grenier, Bryan Flewelling, John Myers, Arlin Smith, Stewart Moore, Stella Hernandez and Chris Peterman.

The panel:
Bryan Flewelling, wine director for each of Smith’s restaurants
Susan Grenier, director of wine buying at Leroux Kitchen in Portland
Stella Hernandez, proprietor of Lolita in Portland
Stewart Moore, of Central Provisions in Portland
John Myers, beverage director of The Honey Paw in Portland
Tabitha Perry, owner of Crush Distributors
Arlin Smith, proprietor of Hugos, Eventide and The Honey Paw in Portland

Maine wineries represented:
Bartlett   Breakwater   Cellardoor
Oyster River   Winterport   Prospect Hill